In previous years , only banks, businesses, and government facilities used firewall's to help protect their computer data. But today security has changed. Today having a good firewall is advisable; it can be as important as having good up to date anti-virus protection.

Let me explain what a firewall is and why we advice you should have one? A firewall is a program that protects your computer and network from unauthorized access. This unauthorized access is specifically from the Internet or other networks. Therefore if your computer has Internet or network access, a firewall will help protect your valuable data that is stored on your Computer. firewall diagram

A firewall can come in the form of software, hardware, or both. A good firewall will prevent strangers from accessing your computer. Also it can stop information from being sent out from your computer without your knowledge. Firewall's don't necessarily prevent virus or spy ware coming into your Pc your anti virus or anti spy ware programs should take care of that issue.

If you use a broadband connection to the Internet, like DSL or cable, you should get a firewall. Broadband connections are always on. It is easier for an intruder to break into your computer if you are using one of these connections. So it is strongly recommended to have a firewall on your computer if you this type of connection to the internet. Even if your computer uses a dial-up Internet connection to get to the Internet, a firewall can be useful.

A good firewall will alert you when a transfer of data without you're authorization tries to take place.

There is a firewall built into Windows XP and Windows Vista, but unfortunately, it is a basic firewall. It will only prevent information coming into your computer. If you use Windows XP or Vista, make sure to check 9say every month) that your firewall is still turned on unless you have another firewall program which has disabled your Windows firewall.

For more information on firewalls you could google firewalls explained or follow the following links.