Computers Downunder has been in business since 1998. During this time, we have met and listened to hundreds of customers. Due to marital problem we closed our doors in november 2011 but are back in 2012.

As a result of these conversations our goal is to provide our customers with what they want and what they need in computers.

mission includes offering the very latest in cutting  edge technology - whether it be for the home, a  business system or a home office system.

      We sell quality products. All computers are built and tested for quality, reliability and performance. Decisions are never made based on "how cheap can we buy the components."

You will get the absolute truth about any product, receive superior service in a friendly and professional manner and be treated with respect. We will listen carefully to what YOU need and recommend products and solutions that fit your needs. We will not engage in up-selling or pushing products on you that do not fulfill your requirements

We provide a level of after sale service that is second to none! If there is a problem, we guarantee we will not walk away until you are satisfied. If you buy something from us and it has a problem we can't solve, we have a 3 months exchange guarantee.